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Modular Systems, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company

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Hints and Definitions


Hints and Definitions
  • THE MOST COMMON PROBLEM IS IMPROPER POCKET DEPTH.  i.e., joint is too tight or too loose. see italics below. 
  • 6000 Series clips mate only with 6000 series shoulder screws and vice versa.
  • Any non-6000 series clip will mate with any non-6000 series shoulder screw.
  • For all # 12 SMT screws in wood, a 5\32" predrilled hole is recommended.
  • For all # 14 SMT screws in wood, a 3/16" predrilled hole is required.  For 2000 series female shoulder screws, a 5mm. predrilled hole is required.
  • For 5000 series female shoulder screws, a 1\4" predrilled hole is required. For 6000 series female shoulder screws, a 19/64" predrilled hole is required.
  • For # 10 SMT mounting screws ( and with our drill fixtures ), a 9/64 predrilled hole is required.
  • An Apex X492 ( or equivalent ) bit is recommended for driving male shoulder screws.
  • When driving clip mounting screws into predrilled holes in pocket, firmly clamp panel over pocket to prevent cracking from mounting hole to mounting hole (especially with 32mm clips)!! 
  • When routing pockets, don't let sawdust build up on back plate.  An air jet can eliminate all dust buildup.  Also use our pocket depth gage regularly.
  • Modular Systems has 1\2" shank router bits available to meet pocket dimensions required by any Mod-eez® clip.
  • Use 511, 512 or 513 to mount 5055A or 5055B compression dowel.
  • When pre-drilling  thin gauge metal for our thread cutting shoulder screws, use a # 21 bit for the 5043 and a # 3 bit for the 6043


  • BLIP - the narrow point on a semi-locking clip's ramp.

  • CLIP - The spring steel "female" portion of the Mod-eez® fastener system

  • CLIP JOINT - Modular Systems, Inc.

  • PASS-THRU CLIP - A clip with both ends of the ramp open, enabling a shoulder screw to enter, tighten, and then "pop" through the clip.

  • R.T.A. - Ready to assemble. Furniture which is not yet assembled, but is ready to be.

  • LOCKING CLIP - A clip with a locking tab which flexes over the top of the shoulder screw head when assembled and snaps down behind the head when assembly is complete.

  • NON-LOCKING CLIP - A clip with no locking or semi locking features.  It uses only friction to hold the joint together.

  • SEMI-LOCKING CLIP - A clip with a blip in the raceway.  Once assembled, disassembly requires passing the shoulder screw the through the blip, flexing the ramp sides outward as the shoulder screw passes, requiring more force than a non locking clip, thus, semi locking. 

  • POCKET - The machined ( routed ) recess in which the clip is mounted and which ultimately hides the joint.

  • SEX BOLTS - "Female" shoulder screws ( i.e. threaded internally to accept the threaded portion of a "male" shoulder screw ).

  • SHOULDER SCREWS - The "male" portion of the Mod-eez® fastener system.

  • SURFACE MOUNT - Mounting the shoulder screw in the pocket and the clip on the adjoining surface.

  • WINDOW - An opening in the side of a pocket to provide an entry point for a shoulder screw or a screw driver.


For flush fit of panel "A" to panel "B" with shoulder screw fully engaged in clip, locate shoulder screw from edge of "B" a distance equal to location of rear clip mounting screw from edge of "A" less dimension X ( X varies with the clip type, see specifications for your clip ).

For instance, with the 32mm system boring, drill shoulder screw holes .428" ( 11mm) closer to the edge than the rear clip mounting hole.

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