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  Modular Systems, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company

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Queen Ann Assembly Video     Table Assembly Video

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:: Tables

The Table above is assembled using the Mod-eez® Fastening System. The rails have been mortised with open-ended pockets and use Mod-eez® Anti-Rotational #5075 Non-Locking Male and #5076 Non-Locking Female Clips. The Queen Ann table pedestal legs are also assembled using the Mod-eez® Fastening System. The legs of the table have been mortised with no access windows and use Mod-eez® #5033 Non-Locking Double Clips. Click on the above links “Queen Ann Assembly Video” or ”Table Assembly Video” to view the movie that demonstrates the use of the Mod-eez® Fastening System for each particular application.